Meet Beeda Weeda and Big Hud, Your New Connects from the South to the West

They're sort of like Harry Potters, except not at all.

The fellow on the left of the above picture is named Big Hud. He is from Dallas, which in the rap landscape is the slightly-more-pissed off sister city of Houston. You can tell it's him because he has his own name tatted on his shoulder, which is kinda dope. The guy on the right is Beeda Weeda, an East Oakland Too $hort-affiliate who makes mob music with the enthusiasm and intensity of a rabid pitbull. He, too, has his name tattooed on himself, but it's on his forearm. They've forged an alliance of sorts, combining for a collaborative tape entitled The Storm, as well as pushing their own projects, Hud's On Yo Bitch Ass and Beeda's Too $hort Presents Beeda's Bass Rock Babies.

Though the pair is from disparate regions, their styles complement each other like brothers who were separated at birth and then sent to two different cities to grow their own styles. Now, they have united and are ready to fuck your internet up. Below is the pair's "Money Money Money," which is about money, as well as Beeda Weeda's "Gas City," which is about how cool Beeda Weeda is, as well as getting fucked up.