Oh Hell Yeah, Tame Impala Are Back with a Super Chill ZHU Collaboration

Kevin Parker and co. linked up with the electronic musician for the blissful "My Life."

Mar 5 2018, 3:40pm

I've got a theory. I think it's actually kind of impossible for Tame Impala to not make music that sounds like falling asleep in the sun on warm sand. It's an aesthetic that has served the Australian band well, and that has been much missed on music's typically murky landscape since the band's 2015 album Currents. And today, they're back at it with the dreamy beach music, in the shape of "My Life," a collaboration with electronic musician ZHU.

The track continues on in the vein of the band's comfort zone of bright, warm sounds, though ZHU's involvement sends a more minimalist shock through proceedings, and it suits the band well. Kevin Parker's vocal is layered and low in the mix, while a decidedly more electronic sensibility is a great look, and potentially (hopefully!) a peek of what might be to come from Tame Impala soon.

Hear it below:

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