Mamiffer's Video for "Caelestis Partus" is a Hazy Trip Through the Cosmos

Check out the Aaron Turner project's new effort now.

Mamiffer, Faith Coloccia's project with Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, etc), returns with a pensive new video for "Caelestis Partus." The black and white effort drifts in with morphing visuals of shapes in and out of focus, making for an excellent representation of the Statu Nascendi track. Kudos to director Daniel Menche for making what is probably a bunch of super mundane shots of hair, popcorn and yarn into endless ocean of stars. Look for the LP via SIGE Records on November 5, just six short days before the new Old Man Gloom (which Turner also takes part in). ICYMI, We recently interviewed Aaron Turner about the Old Man Gloom LP and showcased a new documentary on the record.