"Madison Avenue Harlot" - A Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator

There's nothing lamer than hating Lana. That being said, check this out.

There’s nothing more cringeworthy than internet earthworms hating on Lana Del Rey. Like. Dude. We’re living in a post-cultural void of simulacra and Denny's Twitter. Nothing you believe in is real. Calling Lana “inauthentic” is equivalent to wearing a sign that says “I will never produce anything of value. I don’t get it. I’m a follower. I eat dirt.” Go jack off on your Waxahatchee vinyl and leave 2014 to the rest of us.

That being said, our friends at VFiles have a free pass; they mean it with love. Today they released an addictive Lana Del Rey Song Title Generator in collaboration with Art404. Best ones I’ve made:

“Doritos Orchid”

“Aztec Salon”

“Grand Canyon Erotica”

Even Bradley Soileau (the tattooed stud in the “Born to Die” music video) joined in:

Enough fun and games, here's one last look at our queen. Isn't she beautiful?

Ezra Marcus is young and beautiful on twitter—@ezra_marc