Lyrics...Illustrated! Bright Eyes, Purity Ring And Cam'Ron

Featuring canaries and ribcages.

OK, so, last week I explained my weird synesthesia style habit for illustrating song lyrics in my head, whether it be grizzly bears hugging atomic bombs to Randy Newman, or King Tuff's head as a helium balloon...y'know, normal shit. This time round I decided to tackle some lyrics from Bright Eyes, Purity Ring and the Don King of the fluffy pink outfits ring, Cam'Ron.

Bright Eyes: "Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved)"

This is the last track on subtly titled Lifted or The Story is in The Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. The song itself has loads of words, SRSLY Google it, it’s like a book! It was pretty hard to choose what lyric to draw, like, "LNSO(TLABL)" is 10 minutes long, so Conor Oberst is really assuming that his listeners have an attention span, cheers Conor.

I especially love the bits when he loses his shit and starts screaming and whooping about a baby crying, a guy falling from the lowest branch of the apple tree or a cowboy president. But it was the coroner on his knees at a wooden crucifix that took the biscuit.

Purity Ring: "Fineshrine"

Canadian electro-pop duo Purity Ring are rad. They’ve been getting shit-tonnes of blog buzz, so while in their thrall I downloaded "Fineshrine" to go on my new "cool Canadian electro-pop playlist’", along with people like Grimes and, umm, well just Grimes.

But back to Purity Ring, I like the bit where the girl sings about her sternum. So I like to imagine a blob sliming his way up into her ribs. I don’t know why she’d want anything gliding up in her ribs, it’d feel horrible, wouldn’t it. To be honest I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about but it sounds good, in her high pitched girly voice with those echoey, reverby bits in the background.

Cam’Ron: "Killa Cam"

How cool is Cam’Ron? Did you know that someone tried to car-jack him for his pink Lamborghini? They shot him in both arms and he drove himself to the hospital. That is a lifestyle-power-move right there, he even called the guys amateurs! Imagine being the car-jackers, thinking; “yes, we’ve got ourselves a new Lambo” then BOOM. Cam speeds off down the high street laughing and dissing you.

Anyway, there are so many good, illustration-worthy lyrics in this song. I like the way he describes colors; pink and purple being his and Dipset's favorite, for example “Canary burgundy / I call it lemon red” describes some super-rare diamonds. The line “Bitches, they want to neuter me” would be too disturbing, so I’m going to go with Cam’s pet canary and favorite diamond.

Till Next time!

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