Low Fat Getting High's Video for "Police Cop" is Either Completely Terrible or the Greatest Video Ever

I'm going with greatest. I mean, I love beer and karaoke.

Let's say you hated music videos, like really really fucking hated them with a passion. OR let's say that you loved music videos, like on some "I want to own personal copies for my collection" shit. Either way, I'd say that if you were commissioned to make a video, there would be a high likelihood that it would look exactly like "Police Cop".

Somewhere in between lazy-as-fuck and perfectly executed slacker-chic, Low Fat Getting High's video for "Police Cop" is basically the three of them drinking beers and smoking cigarettes against a ridiculous green screen until it's time to leave. So its great. And hilarious. And totally watchable. Check it out above and stream their EP below, recommended for fans of bands like Ty Segall, Dinosaur Jr, and the like.