Listen to Tone of Arc's New Single, "The Time Was Right"

We talked with frontman Derrick Boyd about how the new track is “the snake head of the album,” the laws of creation, and his purpose on Earth.

Derrick Boyd (who formerly recorded under the moniker "Dead Seal"), and partner Zoe Presnick make up the duo Tone of Arc (TOA): a project which finds them fusing electronic, funk, and psychedelic musical forms. The new album, The Time Is Right, mirrors these various musical shades. The genre-hopping is highly focused, not schizophrenic, and will be familiar to those who dig some of the more recent musical efforts of WhoMadeWho.

We've got the premiere of TOA's new single, also titled "The Time Is Right." I had a chance to talk with Boyd about how the new track is "the snake head of the album," the laws of creation, and his purpose on Earth.

Let's talk about the creation of this new single, "The Time Was Right."
I made "The Time Was Right" a few years ago. It was the best real song I had made in a long time. It took me a while to mentally reach for something funky as opposed to dark and techy, which is my go-to. I don't know how it happened. It just came out. I had no idea I would ever release it, because it had no brothers or sisters until much later. I felt I could comfortably continue to create songs with full support from my friends and family at No.19 Music. Before, I was just kind of lost and looking for my sound.

Do you feel that the track embodies the album as a whole?
It's the snake head of the album. "The Time Was Right" says and means so much to me. Holding onto these gems for this moment is a huge release for us, but this tune is untouchably the widest reaching song of the album. I think just about anyone can get into it. Every great album needs a song that makes the artist wonder if they can do better ever again. I have no idea if that is true, but we are so inspired to make so many more tracks that are comparable to it or better.

Just thinking about it is making me homesick to make more music. Zoe and I are out on our European tour and won't be home for over a month.

What's the background on Tone of Arc—the genesis of the project?
Well I am Dr. Frankenstein creating the monster, aka TOA, and Zoe is the Bride of Frankenstein. TOA means the sound of the laws of creation. The arc being the laws of creation holding all things together in the universe.

I make all the sounds, play all the instruments—guitars, bass, keys, drums and lead vocals. Zoe balances all my work with her input and strong female power and unique, effortless voice. Really, this is just the beginning. I've been using affordable methods of making music since the pot and pan days of Dead Seal, my older moniker. Now, finally, I have the opportunity to bring it up in quality as my studio, my heart, and my mind have evolved. I'm the the happiest producer alive, inspired right now with big toys and a full band. My abilities demand it in order to fulfill my purpose on Earth.

It's tough to know the future, but at least I have been gifted with the vision of knowing where I will end up, and it's not far away at all.