Listen to Silver Swans Remix Stumbleine's "The Beat My Heart Skips"

It will set that little heart all a-flutter. Or break it.

Here's a little something for your post-Valentine's Day hangover, whether it was a mascara-drenched break-up or sexually irresponsible tryst. Noisey has the premiere of Silver Swans' remix of Stumbleine's "The Beat My Heart Skips." It will set that little heart all a-flutter. Or break it.

As one-third of the UK based dubstep trio Swarms, Stumbleine (a moniker taken from a Smashing Pumpkins b-side) is already established, though little known stateside. While his 2012 album Spiderwebbed wasn't a complete departure from the asymmetrical warehouse beauty of Swarms, Stumbleine wisely incorporated Phil Spector-esque wall of sound drums and R&B flavors into his aesthetic, deepening his sonic signature. Sure, the impressionistic swells of sound owe a debt to Chapterhouse and Slowdive—or the mid-'00s work of Jonas Munk (aka, Manual)—but Spiderwebbed was one of 2012's truly unique and satisfying offerings. It's great to see American groups picking up on his talent.

One of those American bands is the San Francisco-based electro-pop duo Silver Swans, who took "The Beat My Heart Skips" and transposed its melancholic dreampop guitars into New Wave synth notes. Not to reduce the remix in any way, but it's the type of song that would have worked wonderfully in the Drive soundtrack.

"We loved the fragile beauty of the original track and vocals, so we reached out to see if we could remix it," said Silver Swan's vocalist/songwriter, Ann Yu. "We were absolutely stoked that he let us do it. It's a song you'd listen to on your way down, sinking into something effortless and gauzy—a mood you can stay with for days. We felt that it matched the vibe that we have in Silver Swans."

Stream the remix premiere below:

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