Listen to Godhunter's Middle Finger to Arizona Politics

New sludge from the Tuscon-based quintet.

Remember Jan Brewer? Unless you live in Arizona, you’ve probably forgotten about her. But to refresh your memory, she was the governor who supported an act which basically made racial profiling A-OK in The Copper State. Well, the sludgecore band Godhunter hasn’t forgotten about her. Their new song “Snake Oil Dealer” is about how she and the other leaders in charge of their home state are creating a divisive political climate.

Here, let Godhunter tell you about it:

Under the reign of persons like Jan Brewer, Tom Horne, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona has made a name for itself as a state that caters to divisive politics, media sensationalism, and the spectacle of catering legislative appeal to the lowest common denominator of society. These dealers of deception serve to supply the addict with another fix. In this case, it is half-truths, misinformation, and race-baiting.

“Snake Oil Dealer” comes off City of Dust, Godhunter’s first official LP. Here is “Snake Oil Dealer,” the band’s middle finger to the poisonous nature of their hometown politics...