Listen to "Fukk Off," Grip Plyaz' New Track

The perfect soundtrack to a hater killing spree, with guest spots from Trinidad James and Go Dreamer.

Grip Plyaz planking onstage in Atlanta. Photo by Eric Cash.

A lot of skater-rap kids in the South have been impatiently waiting for Purp, Wind & Fire, the third effort from Atlanta MC Grip Plyaz. So, we're proud to exclusively drop one of the project's many banging singles, "Fukk Off," which features a guest spot from the oft-shirtless Trinidad James. The song would be the perfect soundtrack to a hater killing spree. And we like to think that's kind of what Grips had in mind when he penned the lyrics. Or maybe we're just really fucked up?

To learn more about Grips, his love of Boy George, and why it's taken so long for Purp, Wind & Fire to drop, click right here to read an interview I did with him for VICE.

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