Listen to "Fight Til It's Dead" from dream popper Dead Gaze

A toe-tapping sway through the feel-goods.

No matter where you are in the world right now, it's probably ridiculously nice out today. How nice? A school in Washington has canceled classes for the day because the thunderous flood good-weather endorphins ruptured all of the vessels in the principal's brain and everyone had to go home so as not to become swept away in the river of blood. That nice.

Mississippi dream popper R. Cole Furlow, AKA Dead Gaze, is releasing a new track today that will only make matters worse for poor Principal Sampson. "Fight Til Dead" is a toe-tapping sway through the feel-goods, complete with strolling guitar riffs and angelic synth accents. Listen to the track below, and grab Dead Gaze's comp, out May 21st through Fat Cat/Palmist Records.