Blake Judd Gives First Interview in Two Years: "I Had So Many Opportunities to Get Better, but I Was Convinced That I Was Special"

The controversial Nachtmystium frontman has resurfaced after two years of addiction, death, and homelessness.

Sep 19 2016, 6:35pm

Blake Judd is back.

Argentina's Jedbangers Magazine​has posted the first part of what looks to be an extensive three-part audio interview with the former Nachtmystium frontman. This marks the first time Judd has spoken to the press in two years, breaking a silence that began back in 2014 after he became embroiled in controversy. The crippling extent of his addiction became public, his former label, Century Media, dropped​ him, and most egregiously​, he was caught running a series of scams ripping off his fans. 

The interview itself is full of illuminating quotes about Judd's fall from grace and downward spiral, including this one about Judd's mindset in the throes of his addiction. "If I was a 'rockstar,' in my mind, it made it my divine right to be all fucked up on drugs—that's a rockstar's divine right, to be a drug addict."​

His former bandmate (and former friend) Neill Jameson wrote a scathing condemnation​ of Judd's actions for Noisey back in 2014, which Judd also references in the interview.

"Now, I will say this: thirty to forty percent of what is in that article​ is not true. He didn't need to say the things that weren't true or fabricate things the way he did, and only he and i will ever know whats really true in there. I don't think anybody would ever believe me, saying, of course he would want to deny that, but he straight up made up stuff that didn't happen, and i don't understand why he did, because the things that did happen, that he did mention, are terrible enough that he didn't need to exaggerate. 

But in a weird way, Neill, who was my best friend for 12 years, Neill kind of saved my life by writing that, because all the shit I read written about me by strangers online, they were just like the people I stole money from online—they're an email address, they're a name on a screen, they're not a real person, which is why I was able to do what I did to the fans. I could never take money from a fan who was standing right in front of me, much like I've never shoplifted," he says. "...but if you're just an email address, you're not really a person standing in front of me, I don't have to look you in your eyes and lie to you, its basically the most cowardly way to take from anybody, if you think about it."