King L - "My Hoes They Do Drugs" Feat. Juicy J and Pusha T

The title is kind of a misnomer, because everyone involved with this song is on drugs.

Is there some sort of saying that's like, "As Atlanta goes, so goes the nation?" Because that's sure what it seems like. Perhaps as an uncsoncious response to the nail-hard mechanocrunk introduced by Waka, Lex Luger, and company, the de facto capital of southern hip-hop has jumped into much, much more melodic territory as of late. Of course, that melodicism might also come on the heel of the recent molly explosion down there that's got everybody feeling wavy as hell, but that's just speculation. It might be the general tenor of hip-hop currently, or it might just be the with the increased exposure its practitioners have bigger budgets to make more nuanced shit, but as of late Chicago's drill scene has been following Atlanta into the realm of otherworldly jams. First there was Chief Keef's "Love Sosa," which felt like the first track that justified Keef's ridiculously lucrative deal. Though it was the aural equivalent of an aural pillow (albeit a very nervy one), it might have been eclipsed by King L's new track. Though it might be titled about other people doing drugs, this sounds pretty druggy in and of itself. Juicy J appears on this, which at this point in his career seems like a pretty natural fit. Pusha T is a less obvious choice, but he's the favorite rapper of a legion of people, and he justifies himself on this one.