Kanye Doesn't Have To Make Videos Anymore

He can just wait for amateurs with more talent to make them for him.

Last week, human baby Kanye West caved under the pressure from an unnamed cold-remedy giant to change the name of his new single "Theraflu" to "Way Too Cold." Now that the track's gotten a bit of a facelift, here's an unofficial video to accompany it. The video finds a kid strutting his stuff around midtown Manhattan, doing an incredible Kanye impression next to what seems to be at least a nine.

Consumer-grade cameras are getting so good at this point that a rising MC can pop out a video over a weekend that rivals multimillion dollar project with top name directors, designers, and talent - look at A$AP, Joey Bada$$, and Wiki for a few recent examples. It's no secret that the wheels are coming off, but it's nice to see people having fun with the music industry as it swan dives into an emptied pool.

Anyway, enjoy!