Is This What Justin Bieber's Penis Looks Like? UPDATE: YEAH, IT IS.

Say hello to the Bienis.

Photos of a penis have recently leaked to the Internet. While it's not confirmed, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that would suggest that said penis is attached to Justin Bieber.

For one, yesterday, Bieber took to Twitter to complain that someone had ganked his laptop that contained "personal footage" of him in some capacity. Then, images of a male crotch-to-torso figure materialized, with the exact tattoo on the stomach of the person in the photo that exists in the same place as a tattoo on Bieber. If you place the image next to a shirtless Bieber, it seems like it could possibly be him. The belly buttons and musculature seem to match up, and if there's a time for a picture of Justin Bieber's penis (please tell me he calls it the "Bienis") to leak to the net, it would be now.

Obviously, it sucks when a person has something stolen from them, especially when you're a global pop star and that thing had "personal footage" on it. But as time has proven over and over again, the only thing we love more than a perfect angel is watching their wings get torn off in a very public manner. So Biebs, if that is indeed your penis that I have been staring at for the past ten minutes, sorry dude. At least it wasn't a sex tape?

UPDATE: THE PENIS IS REAL OH MY GOD THE PENIS IS REAL. Here are some more photos, plus a picture of Justin Bieber topless for comparison.