Imagen if Jery Sienfeld and Death Grips Put on 'Show about Nothing'

Imagen what if Jery Sienfeld joined the band Death Grip's? I know it just sound's like a prety crazy propositien for sure but just go with it.

Hey whats up have you guys heard of Death Grips? Honestly there music is TERNT UP!!!! If you dont know them, they sound like a mix of Skrilex and Maclklemore

So recently Death Grips was suposed to perferm at the Lolapaloza festivel but then actualy they were just messing w every one becuase they never showed up and then they canceled all their other shows as the ultimite midle finger to The Man aka theire fans!!!!

Speaking of show's, so.. whats like your favorite televeision show? Honestly hands down, mine is seinfeld. Sometime's on twiter I like to imagane what Sinefeld would be like if it is still on TV today. You know, like what if Gerge discover on the intarnet that Krame is the subject of INSANE number of Craglist 'missed conections'? Thats not a story that sienfeld could have done in the 1990s but could concevebly do today becuase we now have all these web sites to refer to

Imagen what if Jery Sienfeld joined the band Death Grip's? I know it just sound's like a prety crazy propositien for sure but just go with it. Picture an epsode in your mind where Jery join Death Grips to impres his new GFF (Sky Fereiera):

Jery and the two guys from Death Grip's are siting in Jerys apertement

JERY: Look I realy love being in the band with you guy's but im a 60 year old man who also hapens to be the numbre one comedien in Amereca. I can write a zinger that will knock your sock's off ... but I dont know the first thing about writeing raps!!! Im sorry that you guys didnt like the verse my friend @Wale ghost wrote for me. I didnt realize he had already used those lyric's in a song called "Chilin" featureing Lady Gaga. And I dont know how to play a musicle instrument!! I feel like my tamberine shaking has been makeing our shows less cool. So I have an idea, how about for our next tour why dont we just do a 'show about nothing'


JERY: Woah woah woah you dont need to always be yelling


JERY: Hakune matata man, what i mean is apearing at shows is SO un-chillax, so un-Death Grips, rite?


JERY: And our fan's are the worst anyway! They totaly dont get our artistic visien


JERY: We need to do soemthing that show we dont truly give a SHIT. So let's do SHOW ABOUT NOTHING do you still have that very sad suicide email we receved

RAPPER FROM DEATH GRIPS: Oh yeah, i never deleate anything from gmail, the storege space is prety much unlimited

JERY: Great so lets project the email on a screen instead of showing up at our concert we anounced

OTHER GUY IN DEATH GRIPS: Great idea, my back kind of hurt's lately, id love to just chilax for the next few weeks

RAPPER FROM DEATH GRIPS: Youre back hurts from siting down staring at that computar all day!!

OTHER GUY IN DEATH GRIPS: Where do you think all our beat's come from?

RAPPER FROM DEATH GRIPS:Hey Ive been makeing beats too

OTHER GUY IN DEATH GRIPS: Ya i heard your beats. There terible

RAPPER FROM DEATH GRIPS: Jery what do you think of my beats?

JERY: Im just gona stay out of this

OTHER GUY IN DEATH GRIPS: Translatien? They suck

Sudenly Jerys smartphone vibrate—phew, his saved by the bell—its text mesage from the record label

Jery read the text mesege then look at Rapper from Death Grisps

JERY: Rapper –

RAPPER FROM DEATH GRIPS: I keep telling you my name is Stefen "MC Ride" Burnette you dont need to call me raper

JERY:– did you leak our new major label albem AGAIN?

OTHER GUY IN DEATH GRIPS: WTF!! My wife just gave birth to our second kid how am i suposed to aford the diapere's if you keep leaking our albems!!! Plus the first child,my son Darnelle is six years old i need to start a collage fund for him!!! Do you know how hard it was for me to convicne Chad Hugo from the Nepteune's to relese our new albem on his label Chad Hugo Records / Sony BMG / Jeff Bezos Music / EMI / Universel Music Internationel? Its all fucked up now. What the fuck Ima do now? What Im a do now?


Jery is Twete - @Seinfeld2000