If You’re Considering Joining a 1960s Motorcycle Gang, Listen to This New Song from Jesus Sons

You can almost smell the leather vests.

Have you ever thought about joining a 1960s motorcycle gang? We have. But like, we’re wicked scared of road rash and we don’t wanna get helmet hair and also leather gets us all rashy. So we’re not really cut out for it. Also, time travel hasn’t been invented. But in case you’ve got both a time machine and the desire for life on a hog, we suggest letting this new song from Jesus Sons be your soundtrack.

The San Fran band uses all kinds of vintage equipment to get that badass old school sound. They have a new album coming out on January 28 via Mock Records. You should get it and listen to it with your old lady (that’s what you call your girlfriend, btw) while she’s blowing you in a truckstop bathroom or whatever.