HSY's New Video Has a Dark View of Cyber Bullies

So dark.

Cyber bullies are the worst. They comment on your statuses and tell you to eat a dick. They subtweet about how unfunny you are. They run photos of your face through that app that makes you look fat and old and Instagram it. We hate them. So we’re not sure if Toronto’s HSY’ new video for “Cyber Bully” is advocating that you find your online tormentors and perform ritualistic surgery on them, but uh… that’s definitely what happens in it. The video is all kinds of disturbing which goes right along with the band’s tormented breed of noise sludge. You can check out the video above but like, for the record, we are not recommending that you treat your cyber bullies this way. (Even if they are giant pricks. Did you hear that, BrandNewRockFan1445?)

“Cyber Bully” is off of HSY’s new EP on Buzz Records.