Holy Shit, Lil Wayne's In The Hospital

Somebody call Birdman, we've got trouble.

TMZ reports that Lil Wayne been hospitalized following an emergency landing. The rapper suffered what's officially being termed a "seizure-like episode," which is just Celebrity Code for some crazy shit happened to him that might or might not have been a seizure, so they took him to the hospital.

For some reason, superstar rappers tend to suffer "seizure-like episodes" with a weird degree of regularity, probably because a "seizure-like episode" is a more believable reason for hospitalization than "exhaustion." Remember last year when Rick Ross had two seizures on two consecutive plane rides that nearly derailed his trip to his Memphis Wingstop location? That shit happened, bro. Ross later appeared on BET and gave an interview claiming the seizure was a result of poor diet and an irregular sleep schedule.

Sleep schedules are actually a really huge problem in the rap world, where drug use is rampant and all-night studio sessions followed by days full of interviews, public appearances and concerts are de reguer. It could be possible that Lil Wayne, who loves working for a bajillion hours on end, isn't getting enough sleep and had a seizure because of it. Or he might be doing a fucking shit-ton of drugs. The truth only lies within the depths of the Young Money/Cash Money compound. Anyways, his people are saying he's doing better, so that's good.