Holy Shit, Beyoncé Lip-Synced The National Anthem At Obama's Inauguration

This literally calls the entire system of democracy into question.

There's no way you didn't see Beyoncé's performance of the National Anthem at Obama's inauguration yesterday. It was amazing, flawless, stunning, inspirational, and (as it would turn out) totally bullshit. The London Times reached out to a spokesperson for the Marine Corps Band, who backed the heretofore Queen of Pop, and got a confirmation that right before she sang, Beyoncé made the executive decision to lip-sync to a pre-recorded backing track rather than sing the Anthem live.

It's no secret that performers often rely on pre-recorded tracks for live events (Bruce Springsteen pretended to play guitar at the Super Bowl in 2009 and Yo-Yo Ma cello-synced at Obama's 2008 inauguration), but still, this is total bullshit. Beyoncé, as a human being, holds herself to higher standards than everyone else, which is why she is the best. She knocked out "At Last" four years ago at Obama's Inaugural Ball, and her documentary about herself is going to be boss as fuck. So why did she need to lip-sync this?

This is bigger than Watergate. It calls the entire system of democracy into question. We as a nation need answers. Now. There's no other way we can heal. You can angrily shake your fists at the footage below:

Drew Millard is in tears, patiently waiting for the truth to come out, on Twitter - @drewmillard