Here's the First Listen of Wampire's New Album: "Bazaar"

Their album isn't out for a week, but you don't have to wait that long.

There are a few reasons why we're down with Wampire. For a start they released one of our favorite videos of last year, "The Hearse" which demonstrated their deft take on sexy yet murderous soft focus noir. Additionally, this new, second album, Bazaar—which you can listen to above, a week ahead of its release—showcases a liberal use of sax, which in this day and age is always an applause-worthy stance. Listen to the plinkety slink of "Fly on the Wall" and the zonked-out psych-prog noodling of "Too Stoned" for evidence. It's rad that the Portland duo can ping between frenetic, distorted spook rock of "The Amazing Heart Attack" and the aquatic waltz of "People of Earth," which is all about aliens made of glitter drifting down to earth. It's ever so swoony.

Finally, Wampire have a sense of humor, which stands to reason considering their band name. As we all know, sweet tunes are awesome, but humor is an asset which will forever stand you in good stead. In the spirit of silliness we decided to ask Rocky and Eric a bunch of questions based entirely on the tracklisting for Bazaar and they were kind enough to oblige.

"The Amazing Heart Attack"
What was the last thing that gave you a heart attack?

Rocky: Erkle and I rode a tandem bicycle for our new music video. It was pretty exciting.

"Bad Attitude"

When was the last time you had a bad attitude and what happened? Did you regret it?

Rocky: I get in a bad attitude when people are dicks. People should chill out more often. I do not regret it. Mean people are the worst. Namasté.

"Fly On The Wall"
On whose wall would you most like to a fly on the wall and why?

Rocky: I dunno whose wall, but hopefully something sexy is happening. That's what I think being a fly on the wall should be like. Or perhaps, something scary.

"Wizard Staff"
Is this a euphemism for a penis? Or are we getting this all wrong?

Eric: Wizard dicks are great. If wizards would stoop so low (as to fuck mortals), I'm sure none of us men would get any attention from women. Who wouldn't want to be a magnificent dick in the wiz biz?

"Too Stoned"
When was the last time you were too stoned and what happened and how did you survive?

Today I thought a cactus was waving to me. Turns out they are big fans of Wampire.

What's your perception of a millennial? Are you a millennial?

Eric: I'm barely older than what I what I would consider a millennial. A millennial has an uncanny knowledge of current events and social media, but no concept of how being born before the Clinton era feels... Bill Clinton's saxophone for an example!

"Sticking Out"

When was the last time you stuck out like a sore thumb and were embarrassed because of it?

Rocky: I am chameleon.

"Life Of Luxury"
What's your idea of a life of luxury?

Eric: Satin sheets. Pu$$y palace. Steely Dan.

"People Of Earth"
If you were an alien coming down from lanet Yutya (NB: this is not a real planet) what advice would you give the people of Earth?
Eric: I'd say stop making babies. Stop all the downloading. First and foremost, stop standing aside and letting others act for you, and make more babies.

Bazaar is out on 10/7 via Polyvinyl Records.

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