Here's An Exclusive Album Stream of La Big Vic's New LP, 'Cold War'

Pitch-perfect pop hooks emerging from a goopy haze of synthetic keyboards and distorting echo, AKA the perfect soundtrack to realizing your New Years Resolutions.

[Eds. Note: OK look. One-third of La Big Vic is singer Emilie Friedlander. She's a New York music writer, so of course we're friends with her. In fact, she's even written for this site. That may lead the nerdier fringes of our readership to assume that we just logrolled our friend onto the site. Let's all stop that kind of thinking right now. Because you know what? We're friends with a lot of talented people, and we'd be jeopardizing our editorial integrity if they were denied a spot on our site just because we happen to eat Thai food with them every once in a while. Back to business. -B.S.]

God we love La Big Vic. They just sent us a copy of their sophomore record Cold War, which is coming out January 29 on Underwater Peoples, a Brooklyn-based label run by a bunch of solid dudes in Greenpoint. The music is built on pitch-perfect pop hooks that emerge from a goopy haze of synthetic keyboards and distorting echo. The songwriting is top tier, and will make you want to pick up work on that novel or start working out or some other New Years Resolution-type activity. Just press that little orange button down there and try not to get all dreamy and starry-eyed with hope for the future:

Right? Right?

You should stop whatever you're doing now and pre-order the record right here. Plus, check out the albums amazing artwork, which is perfectly suited to the record's proto-futuristic nocturnal pop fusion, below. Plus, don't make fun of me for saying "proto-futuristic nocturnal pop fusion."