Here's a New Track from TRAAMS

When boredom breeds good things…

TRAAMS are from Chichester, in England, which we can tell you from personal experience is a really dull town that you will never ever visit. But hey, what does boredom breed? Binge drinking! Sorry, MUSIC! Music as a means of escape. TRAAMS' debut album, Grin, is out tomorrow on Fat Cat Records, and it's produced by MJ from Leeds-based band Hookworms and Rory Atwell (former Test Icicle-turned-production whizz). This is a vote of confidence, btw. Below is their song "Foxes," the b-side of recent single "Flowers." It's a tune that teeters between flinty post-punk and skittish pop, with vocals that can be best described as skronky. But not in the urban dictionary sense. Just listen, okay?