Here Is the Video for We Are Twin's "Cold Stone Lips"

Colors! Cartoons! Acid!

There are a lot of lips moving in WE ARE TWIN's latest music video "Cold Stone Lips." The duo is one part Amy Winehouse and one part Marina & The Diamonds. The duo formed back in 2009 after Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicholas Balachandran had a songwriting session with New York singer-songwriter Gabi Christine during a 2009 songwriting session. The result was 15 songs between the two of them. WE ARE TWIN released a self-titled debut EP featuring five of them, and, we're not going to lie: Christine's badass voice really blended with Balachandran's mixing really gets us going.

The duo's blended creativity has really fueled the musical project, so it's only natural that their music video demonstrates that same aesthetic. So, it's not surprising that "Cold Stone Lips" is essentially an acid trip of a music video with bursts of color and cartoonish graphics. If living in this music video was an option, we would do it.