Here Is Miracles Of Modern Science's New Video

Classical strings make for modern jams

Considering their ambiguous lack of modern instrumentation, Miracles of Modern Science (AKA MOMS) could more aptly be described as miracles of classical science. The most expected piece of gear in MOMS' set is that old backbone of any band, the drums, but besides that the group employs a double-bassist, a mandolinist, a violinist, and a cellist. Their music is pretty difficult to categorize but they might feel comfortable at a freak-folk festival alongside Joanna Newsom and Sufjan Stevens, although MOMS definitely bring a slightly goofier sense of humor to their sweet and swooning melodies.

To some extent, this live video, shot in session at Spaceman Sound Studios by Big Ass Lens, demystifies the magic that goes into the creation of MOMS's uproarious hootenanny. While hella hooky (check that mandolin solo) and certified danceable, the core of "Friend of the Animals" revolves around heartache more human then the cry of a violin. "If you don't want to love me I've got animals that love me / I got kittens I've got puppies" vocalist Evan Younger rationalizes, but MOMS, we do want to love! We love you!