Here Is Nocando's New Video for "More Credit" aka "Thirsty in Osaka"

How do you show that a place as far as Osaka can be home to somebody from South Central? Well, this video's a good start.

A couple years ago Nocando landed in jail. Snagged up on an old warrant when he returned to his hometown L.A., the West Coast indie rap luminary found himself swapping stories with inmates. A young kid from Gardena asked him what Japan looked like. Rather than have a good answer, Nocan said he kind of froze up. That's where he got the idea for the "More Credit" video: to try and show somebody who's hardly left South Central L.A. that a place as far off as Osaka can feel just like home. As rap albums go, Nocando's new mixtape Tits N' Explosions is full of anxiety and sentiment typically at odds with the typical MC ego. He pits himself against himself in this first long playing release since 2010, confronting his own struggles with everything from fidelity to image obsession. Tits N' Explosions dropped last week on Hellfyre Club's Bandcamp.

If you're in Japan, Nocando's got shows on May 25th at Unit in Tokyo with DJ Krush, DJ D-Styles, Daddy KEV, and DJ Nobody, and May 26th at Circus in Osaka with DJ D-Styles, Daddy KEV, and DJ Nobody.