Here is Darlings' New Record, 'Perfect Trip'

The title could be a drug reference, but the vibes are equally about the trip to and from your dealer's house.

A few months back we premiered "Pet The Ghost," a single from the Brooklyn garage-pop four piece Darlings. Since then I've kept the track on repeat, humming the chorus to myself while walking around the city, on the subway, or in some other act of transit. There's a wandering nature to the track that I got stuck on, something in the rhythmic plodding of the drums and Peter Rynsky's lethargic vocals.

Today they're back with a new video (featured above) and a new LP, appropriately titled Perfect Trip. Despite the fact that the band got its start recording tracks in a Bleecker street apartment, there's something markedly solitary to the record's title. The title could be a drug reference, but the vibes are equally about the idealized trip to and from the dealer's house: Stomping around an urban center on a sunny day, sitting on a park bench, looking out the windows of moving trains. Either way, the record will stay with you for longer than most, as these scuzzy, fuzzy ear worms find their way into your unconscious and leave you a bit more beatific, easy-going, and over it:

Today the band is offering Perfect Trip as a digital download for whatever donation you're willing to give, which includes zero dollars if you're cheap. Pick that up right here. After that, it'll be available for five bucks, but if you live in New York, you can pick up the vinyl at their record release show at Death By Audio on February 8. More info on that right here.

This record made Ben really sleepy and now he doesn't want to work, so bother him on Twitter - @b_shap