Watch Haim Get Taught How to Write Lyrics That Are Actually Good

Our favorite media consultant Janessa Slater is back with a new episode of Sound Advice.

After asking NOFX the hard questions last week and doing her best to convince Drake to join a J-date service, our media consultant Janessa Slater is back for a new episode of Sound Advice and this time she's talking everyone's favorite trio, Haim. Unfortunately, one of the sisters was missing—she was "sick," according to Janessa—and she has some great advice for the band whose name means "she who parts hair in the middle," or something like that.

In case you don't know, Sound Advice is a web series co-created by Saturday Night Live vet Vanessa Bayer and her brother, Noisey contributor Jonah Bayer. It's kind of like "Between Two Ferns," but with musicians. Watch a bunch more below:


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