Ghostface Killah Calls Martin Shkreli a "Shithead," Says He Should Release the Wu-Tang Album [Updated]

This has turned into quite the beef.

UPDATE (January 26): Ghostface has responds to Shkreli's response, mocking Shkreli's nose and told the ex-CEO, "I'll break your heart in four days." Watch the video below.

UPDATE: Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli responds.

Original Story: In a completely surprising turn of events, Ghostface Killah has labelled infamous pharmaceutical CEO, Martin Shkreli a “shithead” during an interview with TMZ. According to the rapper, "I don’t even know him but..when I heard what he did with the aids medication...that’s not right.” For those who aren't up to speed, Shkreli boosted the price of cancer/AIDS medication and is currently under federal investigation for securities fraud.

Ghostface is also none too pleased that Shkreli was given Wu-Tang Clan's rare $2 million album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. When asked for his personal feelings on the matter he said it's "out of his hands" and that "the people" should own it before dropping this poignant gem: “What you gon own it for 88 years for?” A very good question and one we all wished RZA spent more thinking about.