Fuoco Fatuo's New Song Will Teach You to Say "Doom" in Italian

Take a journey into the gloomy Italian abyss.

It’s a good thing doom is a universal concept because you can still thoroughly enjoy Italian sludge metal band Fuoco Fatuo and their journey into the gloomy abyss, even if you have no working knowledge of Italian.

Fuoco Fatuo’s debut album (which is the most doom metal album title of all time, seriously, are you ready for it?) The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains will be released this month via Iron Tyrant. On CD anyway. Gotta wait an extra month if you want that vinyl.

So get your metal Rosetta Stone out and take a listen to a song off of the album below entitled (another quintessentially named doom metal song, ready?) “Eternal Transcendence into Nothingness.”