Listen to an Epic 18-Minute Banger from Fucked Up

The Toronto lunatics are back with the sixth installment of the "Zodiac Series."

Photo: Alyssa Tanchajja

Do you really need to be told about Fucked Up at this point? Like, really. Do you actually need someone to explain to you how insane and awesome the Toronto madmen and madwoman are? Or would you rather us just casually mention that they are putting out the sixth installment of their “Zodiac Series” this spring called Year Of The Dragon and get back to trading stories about wacky shit we’ve seen Damian do live? Like that time he smashed a bottle over his head. Or the time he dragged a microphone across an entire venue and sang from on top of a quarter pipe. Or the time he was on stage with Yo Gabba Gabba. Or the many, many times he’s straight up bellyflopped, circle-pitted, or just generally run around like a lunatic. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

So check out the epic, 18-minute title track below, take your shirts off, and let’s swap some Pink Eyes stories.

Pick up Year Of The Dragon from Tankcrimes.

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