Frances Bean Cobain Wins Her Father's Publicity Rights As Courtney Love Loses Her Mind

Finally, something to do with this hot mess that actually makes some sense.

In a "Well, we all knew that was coming" legal decision, 19-year-old Frances Bean Cobain has ousted her mother as controller of Kurt Cobain's name, likeness, appearance, and intellectual property rights, citing Love's pervasive history of being a total fucking nutjob. Hmm, wonder what tipped them off. Was it Courtney taking to Twitter to maniacally attack former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as a "gross old man macking on kurt cobains (sic) only child"? Was it the untimely death of Frances' cat and dog as a direct result of her mother's "negligence?" Maybe it had something to do with Love slinging lawsuits at the goddamn Muppets. Whatever it was, Frances is now the sole proprietor of her late father's image. Talk about teenage rebellion.

According to confidential documents obtained by The Fix, Love surrendered her position of Acting Manager of End of Music LLC, the firm responsible for monetizing Cobain's publicity rights, after receiving a $2.75 million dollar loan from Frances' trust fund, which she lost legal control over as a result of a 2009 court case that also stripped her of custody and slapped her with a restraining order. Not only does this new development exponentially increase mini-Cobain's already-hefty fortune, but it leaves the frontwoman-when-she-feels-like-it with virtually zero power over anything to do with her hubby's legacy (Larry Mestel of Primary Wave Music owns 100% of administrative rights to Nirvana's catalog and can use it in any way he pleases--even if it means letting Jim Henson's puppet pals take a crack at covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit").

Is this Courtney Love hitting rock bott--HAHAHAHA sorry, I couldn't get through that with a straight face.