Ex-Mac DeMarco Bandmate Alex Calder Makes Creepy Videos Too, Watch "Light Leave Your Eyes"

How does Canada's most freezing, miserable city keep producing some of the finest pop music in North America?

What is with Edmonton boys? Seriously. It seems like the string of young men coming out of this freezing, miserable Canadian city are making some of the finest pop music in North America. Sean Savage, Renny Wilson, and of course, the boy who really kicked it into high profile, Mac DeMarco. But now, there's a new pop goose in town: Alex Calder (who was once in the band Makeout Videotape with DeMarco) has released a video for the track “Light Leave Your Eyes” off his debut EP Time, which drops on March 19 via Captured Tracks. In the video, Calder shows us his bod as the camera meshes with a scattered, VHS feel. Judging by the weird ways he moves his body and that creepy little grin, we suspect he and DeMarco have been perfecting these moves since childhood.