Even Lil Wayne Thinks the New Lil Wayne Album Sucks

Lil Wayne's fuck-giving level is at an all-time low.

In a recent interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles, Lil Wayne revealed his recent seizures stem from the fact that he suffers from epilepsy and has suffered from epilepsy for quite some time. So, that clears that up.

There's lots going on in Lil Wayne's life currently. He's skating more, his Trukfit line is releasing more and more stuff, and he's got a new album out entitled I am not a Human Being II. How does he feel about it? "It sucks," he says. "I hate it. But it's a new album; it's for the people." When the interviewer was all like "WTF LIL WAYNE STAHHHHP," Wayne was all, "HAHA JK." I have no idea if he actually hates his album or not, but it wouldn't be surprising, because IANAHBII is the most half-assed thing that has ever been created since the first slacker realized they could complete a task using only half of their ass. Surely, Lil Wayne realized he phoned this in, "Rich as Fuck" is his best song in three years, and that everyone is going to lose their shit when he comes to town with Future and T.I. regardless of how good I am not a Human Being II isn't, so why not say "fuck it" and turn in an album that will ultimately be looked at as a mid-career lemon? Check the full interview below, and then watch the "Rich as Fuck" video below.

[via Pitchfork]