Douchebags Who Won't Be Listening to Frank Ocean Anymore

The internet is still full of thick homophobes.

Seeing as the hip-hop internet spends a large proportion of its time speculating over rappers' sexualities, it would be fair to assume it's kicking itself this morning. A rapper (of sorts) has come out of the closet (sort of) and it seems it kinda snuck up on them. I mean, there are people out there who genuinely believe that Dr Dre and Eminem were lovers, but no hip-hop bigots saw this Frank Ocean bombshell coming?

To save you the task of combing through the rambling confessional he posted on his Tumblr, Odd Future's resident crooner basically states that a while back he fell in love with an unnamed man (here's where you come in, WSHH commenters), and although he has had relationships with women, it is his same-sex lover that he holds the biggest candle for. The statement is very moving in parts, but also slightly mental in others, especially as he feels the need to thank Lil B.

Needless to say, a lot of his fanbase aren't happy about the development, despite head OF sociopath Tyler showing his approval. Whilst the vast majority of the reaction seems to be a load of congratulatory "good on yous", there's still a section of the internet who are on some Rap Game Westboro Baptist Church flex.

So, here are a few of the guys you should all definitely tweet Bronski Beat videos at:

First of all there, were the ones who decided to turn OFWGKTA's favorite term back on Frank, without any of the ironic knowingness. What's a rainbow dick? I'm a fully paid-up member of the breeders' club, but even I'd like to ride a rainbow dick. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Then there was this guy. I mean, I guess I can understand the logic of his point – in the event that Frank Ocean contracted full-blown AIDS, and then made it his mission in life to fuck every one of Ike Turn-Up's 373 followers' dads, then they probably wouldn't be supporting him.

Someone called "HoeDrinkBleach" brought her cheery message to the table.

While Ricky here believes that Frank's statement is just a cynical attempt to tap into the pink pound.

A man who believes that consensual homosexuality is worse than defecating on teenage girls here for you, folks.

Even the Brits were getting involved, albeit with a style of homophobia that's a bit more Little & Large than fire and brimstone:

And finally...

...there's always one. *Sigh*. When will we learn?

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