See How Django Django Broke Through the Buzz

This bloggy buzz band started before the blogs even existed.

Not every buzz band is formed at breakneck speed. Some things take time, requiring job situations to improve, motivation to be found, studios to be built… and more importantly, pubs to be abandoned. The members of Django Django got the idea to start a band all the way back in 1999, before blogs were even around to spread their music. "In Edinburgh, we talked in the pub every week about starting a band," says drummer David Maclean. "Literally seven years went by. It wasn't until we moved to London and it kind of spurs you on to do things."

In the years between, they'd found comfortable jobs—Maclean at a paid post-grad position, singer Vincent Neff as an architect—that would've allowed them to keep at it forever, advancing along a more conventional career path. When they decided to give that up, the skepticism from their loved ones was apparent. ("I think my folks thought I was crazy," says Neff.) But soon enough they were able to build a studio housing all the synthesizers, drum kits, and musical technology they could hope for, creating "a musical funk nest" as Neff remarks somewhat wryly. That, he says, was the turning point for the band: being able to move into a space where they could freely indulge their creative impulses without worrying firsthand what they'd need to do in order to get there.

"It just makes things easy," as Maclean says. The record deal, tour, critical acclaim, fans—at the heart of that is a safe space where the members can return to jam and create, an extension of the original beer-soaked idea. 1999 is a long time ago, but they've come far in the years since.