Detroit's Movement Festival Kicks Off Today!

Here are 11 acts you can't miss.

For most people in the US, spending Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit is something they've never considered, partly because of the city's notoriously high crime rates, and partly because it's a bit of a pain in the ass to get to. But for anyone who has a slight interest in electronic music, there's no better time to visit Motor City, and there's no better festival in North America to enjoy the underground electronic music scene.

The festival I'm hyping is called Movement and it kicks off today. What I really like about Movement is it's not about fair-weather fans of electronic music, it's a festival that's made for the makers of electronic music, and it's made for fans who appreciate technology, creativity, and partying 'til super late.

Tickets are still on sale for $90, which is damn cheap for 36 hours of festival chaos, not to mention the gaggle of afterparties that finish just before you're due to return to the festival the next day. But if you can't make it to Detroit this weekend, keep an eye on www.youtube.com/noisey for the next few weeks as we premiere video interviews with some of the festival's biggest acts.

PS - And if you still have the misconception that Detroit is dead then go watch this video Johnny Knoxville shot for VICE.

11 Acts You Should See At Movement


Benoit & Sergio

Danny Daze

Gold Panda

Greg Wilson

Major Lazer

Public Enemy


Todd Terje

Two Fresh

Zeds Dead