Rap Show - Hima from Das Racist & Kendrick Lamar On "The Magical Negro Of The White Sitcom World"

Here's a hint, he's from Home Improvement.

Apr 13 2012, 11:10am

When we were trying to name our new rap show a bunch of garbage ideas were tossed around - stuff like "Rappy Land" and "Talking With The Rappers." Thankfully, was around to cut through the bullshit and name it RAP SHOW. We think that works much better.

Hima and Kool A.D. from DR will be trading off hosting duties for the show, conducting a series of conversations with the best rappers on the planet. Here's the first episode, which features Hima talking to Compton MC about black hippies, the big scary N-word, and whether or not Wilson from Home Improvement was the magical negro of the white sitcom world: