All photos by Jess Williamson

Kevin Morby Had a Chill Time on His US Tour, and He Sent Us Some Photos

Singer-songwriter and tour opener Jess Williamson captured the best moments from Morby's US jaunt.

Nov 12 2017, 4:25pm

All photos by Jess Williamson

Kevin Morby has released two brilliant records in the last two years. 2016's Singing Saw and this year's City Music opened up two vastly different—but not completely opposed—sides of the singer-songwriter. As Noisey's Andrea Domanick wrote in her interview with Morby this summer, "Singing Saw is most directly connected to this time in LA, a triumphant, introspective album laden with Aesopic takes on love, disillusionment, and American identity, often all at once. City Music is both its thematic inverse and counterpart, a kind of spiritual return to New York that captures the kinetic anticipation and solitude of walking around a big city alone."

Total solitude is harder to come by on the road, however. Last week, Morby sent us a bunch of photos from the US leg of his tour, all taken by Jess Williamson, who opened on the US leg of the tour along with Shannon Lay. (Listen to Williamson here and Lay here, if you haven't already). Morby's added some helpful captions to the photos as well. Everyone seems to have had fun.

The first three photos were taken at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg. The one with Cyrus hugging me is when I came off stage before going out for the encore. It was a beautiful night.
Us at a Waffle House. I really can't remember where but I suppose it was in the south and we were all really tired this day but excited to be at the best place in the world, Waffle House.
Meg being very icy. She likes to hide in these and scare random people.
I love this photo of Meg. Jess is so talented and does a great job at capturing those little moments.
This is Jess at our show in Kansas City. A photographer's self portrait.
Zach our tour manager giving our van an ole scrub a dub dub. We ended up having 4 different sprinters on this tour as the kept breaking in one way or another. They all had names and I believe this one was named Nija.
Meg eating tacos before rocking the heck out.
It's Slinderman!
Shannon, Jarv (who I played with for many years in Woods), and I.
This is at Hopscotch Festival in North Carolina where we played with my roommate at the time Cory Hanson of the Wand fame. People talked through his set and he got in a yelling match with them and we ended up covering Sublime. It was a great night.
Shannon and I watching Nick and Cyrus ride the ferris wheel on the roof of the St Louis City Museum, what a magical playground for adults.
Mom and Dad
John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats wrote this little message out in peanuts in the back stage of our show together in Kansas City.
Shannon Lay looking effortlessly cool as all hell.
Meg and I enjoy a good piggyback ride every once in a while.
I have no idea where Jess took this but I truly love this wonderful photo.
Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Morby.
Changing the strings. I do this after every third show. Gotta keep em fresh.
Hugs not drugs.

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