Cormega Gets Real In His Video for the Large Professor-Produced "Industry"

Two New York hip-hop masters combine for great boom-bap.

Earlier this week, Cormega and Large Professor released Mega Philosophy, a quiet, unassuming record that's easily one of the best rap albums of the year. The album finds the two hip-hop legends playing off each other with the ease of two old sparring partners, Cormega's easy flow sounding at home over Large Pro's soulful, crisp productions. The record is less concerned with asserting its identity as meat-and-potatoes New York boom-bap as it is with being the most that it can be—Mega drops deft bars of wisdom on every track, in a voice as serene and content as his face on the Blue Note Records-referencing cover. It's the best record of its type I've heard in ages.

Cormega has graced us with the premiere of his video for "Industry," the standout single from a record full of standout tracks.

Buy Mega Philosophy here.