Children of Technology Unleash Metalpunk Fury “Under the Ripping Storm”

Throw on your Mad Max outfits, these Italians are about to rip it.

Heshers take note: cult Italian speed metal maniacs Children of Technology are back and primed for action! Four years after this rag-tag bunch of metalpunx released their last full-length, they’ve come screaming back into view with Future Decay (out August 19 on Hells Headbangers... and of course there will be vinyl). This latest effort is faster, meaner, thrashier, and even wilder than their previous output—and that’s saying something.

While it should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever stumbled upon a nest of wild crusties that grubby Mad Max-inspired fashions are a big hit with the metalpunk crowd, Children of Technology really ramp up the ridiculousness and make their warpainted spiked leathered neon look WORK. Inspired by cult 80’s sleaze flicks and huffing nitro fumes, visions of zombie bikers and mohawked death-dealers roam freely throughout their latest apocalyptic opus, narrated by a chorus of bombed-out leads, unhinged howls, and unrelenting d-beaten drums from the aptly-titled Goddess of Hammering Chaos. It’s less retro than it is straight-up radioactive.

Listen to the molten mania of “Under the Ripping Storm” below.