Chain Gang Grave's "Green Star Eye" Is Destruction, Rebuilding, Followed By Total Decimation

Check out the noisecore trio's new track and kneel in awe.

You know who was an original band? Flipper. So goddamn original that it's been virtually impossible for anyone to effectively find that niche where they existed and jump off of it, properly. Guess what? Finally that day has come, and the band's name is Chain Gang Grave.

"Green Star Eye" is the band's first single, and from the outset you can smell the hardcore oozing out of this Brooklyn trio's pores. Then after a section with dueling guitars, shit gets weird, and by that I mean in a discordant, noisy, anti-social, you know, FLIPPER, kind of way, before all roads merge into a single syncopated crushing riff. Come together, fall apart, reconvene and destroy.... that's the formula for great shit, I guess. Check out the track below.