Cancers Sound Like a Cloud Made of Flannel

Listen to their new album 'Fatten the Leeches.' 90s nostalgia without all the nostalgia.

Going back to your favorite record from when you were a kid can be really soul-crushing, at times. You put the record on, and sure the immediacy of a first riff or beat can bring those feelings of being a kid again, but as soon as the vocals or something else comes on, you immediately want to throw your younger self into a locker. A romantic vision of the past is shattered when you realize how much of a fucking dork you were for liking that shit. Sometimes, it’s best to hold onto the greatest hits instead of digging too far deep. Lucky for you, Cancers’ new album Fatten the Leeches brings the fun and excitement back from yesteryear, while letting you forget all the shitty parts.

Cancers is an Athens-based duo that pumps out dream pop straight out of a time machine from Seattle, 1995. Which makes sense, since this was recorded in Seattle with the help of producer Jack Endino, who’s worked with such greats as Nirvana and Soundgarden. Every song on this record this record mixes together the jammy, fuzz of the instrumentals with, soft droney vocals that send you straight into a psychedelic trip into who knows where. A lot of bands go too overboard on the nostalgia train back to the 90s, but Cancers is able to take what a lot of us love about the music of then, and recontextualize it into the present. Best of all, it never seems corny. A personal favorite on the album, “Glaciers,” feels triumphant, melancholic, and well-written more than anything.

If you’re into the recent resurgence of grungy, dirt pop, then Cancers should be your favorite band. Stream the album below, and dig up your old-ass flannel from your closet.

Fatten the Leeches will be available on September 16 from Dead Broke Rekerds. You can pre-order it right here. Stream the whole thing below.