Tuesdazed #1: Bondax Makes Killer UK Garage

A Q+A with Bondax, the 18-year old duo behind your next summer makeout jam.

Jun 12 2012, 8:45pm

UK Garage is cool because when something stands out, it's uncanny how infectious it can be. Whilst sweaty-palm patrolling my own site, Fade County, I came across a track by Bondax, originally posted by our scarlet harlot, Amadz. The duo's newest release, a remix for Cocorosie-cum-Tweet-esque newcomer AlunaGeorge, is a sub-thumping, masterfully sampled club banger perfect from no-pants parties to private screenings (if you know what I mean, and you do). From their Twitter, we found out that they've got a few upcoming releases in the pocket off their own Just Us Rec., so we took a few to catch up with Adam Kaye and George Townsend, the fresh-faced Britons behind Bondax.

AlunaGeorge - "You Know You Like It" (Bondax Remix)

You guys look young. How old are you and how did the project start?
We're both 18, we started working together when we should have been revising for our GCSEs. We were friends through school, George being a footballer and I was a band kid. George had been producing for a few years and he asked me to join—I had been playing in bands and doing a singer-songwriter sort of thing and it was all quite monotonous, so I jumped at the chance, and we've been making music on and off ever since.

Bondax - "Just Us"

What's your dream venue if you could headline anywhere in the world?
As a club, Fabric would be amazing. It's always been a kind of haven for DJs, but as a concert venue, probably the Hollywood Bowl. I think it's really beautiful and it's got a history of amazing artists too.

Bondax - "You're So"

Your debut single, "You're So" is out on Super Recordings and you guys are playing a bunch of festivals throughout this summer. What comes next?
We have a new single coming out in August, full announcements will be made soon on our social networks. We also just started up a label called Just Us Rec and we're putting out a track that we're really excited about called "It's Always" by Karma Kid with remixes from ourselves and Star Slinger; that's out August 6th. Aside from that, we're playing abroad in Amsterdam and Barcelona and some other countries that aren't confirmed yet, and we're down in London in a few different studios working on new material in July, so lots of exciting things!

Hell yeah. Thanks, dudes!

Bondax - "All Inside"

Bondax is set to appear at the Glade and Gottwood festivals later this month. Follow them on Facebook here, and if you're around the UK this summer, make sure you catch 'em while you can!