Boys Noize Just Made a Sick Remix of "Protovision," Kavinsky's New Single

What was once hyper-stylized and ghostly throwback has been recast as a laser-fried electro banger.

There's always been a nostalgic futurism on French house producer Kavinsky's records, something that Alexander Ridha, AKA Boys Noize, zeroes in on and blows out with this crushing remix of "Protovision." But Ridha is less interested in traditional remixing here: his project is in remaking, in the cinematic sense. Kavinsky's hyper-stylized and ghostly throwback, tailor made for nocturnal joyriding, has been updated with a hyper-modern flair and recast as a crushing, laser-fried electro banger:

The source material is a preview of what's to come on Kavinsky's debut long-player Outrun, which will drop like a hydrogen bomb through Record Makers/Republic/Casablanca Music February 26.

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