Best Of Noisey - Puro Instinct

Cue the dreamy harp sound and peep this grade-A performance from LA haze-popsters Puro Instinct.

When we started Noisey way back in March of 2011, we thought we'd be satisfied criss-crossing the globe, documenting the year in music from ginormous heavy hitters to no-fi podunk garage bands that usually play to their girlfriends and moms. We spent our first year doing just that, and not much else. Then we realized we could probably do the whole "full-service music website" thing just as well as the bazillion other sites out there - that's when we started pumping out original shows, new music recs, photos of babes in bands, insanely witty opinion pieces, the works. That pretty much brings us up to date.

Thing is, in that first year, we shot a crapload of amazing videos, and we sometimes feel like they don't get enough play. Do you remember when we filmed Woodkid at the base of the Eiffel Tower? Or when we captured Dirty Beaches just before he became the rockabilly wunderkind you know and love?

It's with that spirit that we're teaming with our friends at PUMA to bring you the "Best Of Noisey" series, a look back at some of our favorite material we made during our beta days. Every Wednesday for the rest of the year, check back to relive the best of the best.

Our second blast from the past was shot at our New York launch party waaay back in the spring of 2011, with the dreamy, hazy LA pop outfit Puro Instinct. Cue the dreamy harp sound and peep this grade-A performance from Noisey year one.