Put on Your "Cherry Chapstick" and Get Down with Band Aparte

Goth is hot right now.

Photo courtesy of Band Aparte

Goth is hot right now. Not just because it’s summer and the aesthetic lends itself to long, all black ensembles, but in music too; lately, we’ve been getting more nihilistic and pessimistic (for fairly obvious reasons, take a look outside). While it’s easy to persuade yourself that acts like Prayers or Band Aparte are just Cure fans with access to an audience, there’s a lot more nuance to it that I won’t get into, because honestly I'd rather just listen to this song for a while.

“Cherry Chapstick” is the latest single from LA goth punk duo Band Aparte’s forthcoming album Memory on Trial. It’s a smooth, synthy track that evokes Nick Cave and Joy Division and will have you sad-dancing your way to the end of the day.

Memory on Trial is out August 19 on Manifesto Records.