Ask T-Pain: How Do I Stay Motivated When I Feel Negative All the Time?

Plus, T-Pain shares some tips on how to be creative.

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Welcome to Ask T-Pain, our new advice column with Auto-Tune maestro and R&B hitmaker T-Pain. A few weeks ago, we asked you, our loyal readers, to submit questions for T-Pain to answer, and a bunch of you did. The questions ranged all over the place, and some of you even sent in your mixtapes, which were ignored because that was not part of the agreement. If you missed that round, it's okay: You can still submit questions for future installments by emailing t.pain@noisey.com. Either way, read on. What follows is T-Pain's unfiltered advice.

Hello T-Pain,

Since I was young I've always had to struggle in a different ways (my two brothers died, my father tricked me, my mom got sick and passed away, and many other smaller problems), but I always felt that these problems were just temporary and that my life was a long journey to success. Two years ago I had a period when I just couldn’t find any positive thing in my life (no friends, no love, no success in my career). Since then, I’m not the same. I’m still doing what I’m believe in, but I’m not motivated anymore like I was before, and I feel like I can’t trust anyone around me. I know that you had similar feelings after your Revolver album, when you were disappointed about the business surrounding it. How I should leave all this negative thinking behind me and concentrate on my present and future?

Many thanks,
Concentrating to Avoid Negative Thinking

Dear CANT,

You already have all you need. Nothing in life worth having comes without sacrifice and/or struggle. Do not alienate the people around you. Use the negative things that happen to you as motivation to push forward. As long as you continue to believe in yourself nothing can stand in your way. Times often get rough, which is the nature of life, but your self-belief and how you view yourself will guide you through any problem.


Dear T-Pain,

What do you do when you aren't feeling creative? Are you patient about it, or do you grow impatient and chase it?

Hoping for Inspiration

Dear HI,

We all go through non-creative times. Sometimes it’s best just to step away from the situation for a bit. It is very easy to become consumed and ignore the answer right in front of you. Two things are important when being creative: The first is keeping a positive perspective, and the second is maintaining the proper point of view! You must be patient. Don’t force it. Find a happy place, and things will get better. I think about the things in my life that are positive. In my case it’s my wife, family, and kids. When I think of them and remember my true reason for doing this, everything else seems small.

Good luck,


Thank you for making music and helping me in the life I have had. Right now I have a one-year-old son with a woman I have known since I was eight years old (I am now 22). Times are tough for us right now, and we fight and have rough days. I would like to ask you: Do you and your wife always get along, or is fighting just part of how it goes? I love her with everything in my body and can’t wait to make her my wife—I just need to get enough to buy her a ring. But if we are not meant to be, maybe the fighting and having really hard times are a sign. You have been with your wife a long time, and you both look happy. I’m sure you have had ups and downs, but is there just a feeling you have knowing she will be yours forever? And if there is, when did you feel it?

Unsure About Forever

Dear UAF,

Finding your true love is amazing. If you know you have that then you will have a true friend and ally for life. Finding my wife has been the best thing I have ever done. I felt it the minute we met. One of the benefits of love is passion. But passion at times creates conflicts. Always remember you wouldn’t argue if you didn’t love each other. No relationship is perfect, but the biggest resource you can have in life is sharing a life with your soul mate.


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