You Don't Need the Drugs to Feel the Drugs on Alias' New Track "Ghost Cloudz"

The musician also announces his new LP 'Pitch Black Prism," which sounds trippy as hell and we love it.

Quick, how many drugs do you currently have in your apartment? Got a number? Okay, cool. Now here's what you do: take all of those drugs, wash them down the toilet, and turn "Ghost Cloudz," a new song from Alias that Noisey is happy to premiere below. Seriously. This is a song that makes you feel like you are on every single drug you could ever want to do, and then it takes that feeling and multiplies it by at least 17 pills of Adderall.

"Ghost Cloudz" comes from Alias' upcoming LP Pitch Black Prism, which is out June 24 via Anticon. The track listing is below:

1. Ghost Cloudz
2. Crimson Across It feat. Doseone
3. Vermillion Coda
4. Amber Revisions
5. Gold cLOUDDEAD Skiez
6. Joseph Greenleaf Mornings
7. Pistachio Payoff
8. Vallejo’s Sapphire Views
9. Indiiggo feat. Therese Workman
10. Amethyst Afternoon
11. Pitch Black Prism
12. Slackened Onyx
13. Aikotune