Alex Wiley's New Song "Ova" Will Help You Ditch All Your Bad Feelings About Everything

Drug raps are "Ova," but the Alex Wiley era is just beginning.

Artwork by Nikko & Visual Mecca

Chicago rapper Alex Wiley attracted some attention with last year's mixtape Club Wiley, but the last few months have only seen him get better and more playful on the mic, drifting into more bizarre songcraft along the lines of Chicago buddies like Chance the Rapper. His new project, Village Party, is coming out later this month on the Chicago label Closed Sessions, and, if the pieces that have come out so far are any indication, it's going to tear shit down (check out the recently released "Vibration"). Wiley's getting more inventive with his voice, and the Odd Couple-produced "Ova," which is nominally about ditching drug raps, finds him punching out a quick sing-song rap with cool Chi-town charm. It feels like a party, but the kind where everyone's having to good of a time hanging in the backyard to actually get loud and obnoxious. You can totally imagine Wiley rapping this near a bonfire or a grill or something. Alex Wiley is, per his own warning, "about to bring the turn up to your city." Get familiar: